Faculty: Dr. Jose deGuzman, Dr. Kaveh Homayoon
Length of time: 4 weeks; maximum length 6 weeks
Offered: August through May
Maximum enrollment: 1
Patient care elective: yes
Pre-requisite: MS4

To provide the student with experience in all phases of the care of the urological patient. Exposure to urological procedures both in the operating room outpatient clinics and emergency room will be part of this elective experience. The student will be provided the opportunity to participate in all conferences and other exercises pertaining to the care and treatment of the urological patient.

Monday through Thursday–the student makes daily ward rounds with the attending staff of the Urology section. Monday the student will participate in the operating room. Tuesday the student will participate in the General Urology Outpatient Clinic in the morning. The student will be assigned to inpatient ward duty with the house staff. If time permits, the student will attend the Tumor Conference on Tuesday. This day also will be used for literature study. Wednesday the student will participate in surgery. In the afternoon the student will attend the pyelogram conference and endoscopic procedures followed by the general surgery conference. The morbidity, complication and mortality review will be Wednesday morning. Thursday the student will attend a house staff urological conference with each individual, including the student, assigned a topic for presentation. During the afternoon, the student will participate in the outpatient endoscopy. Fridays are reserved for General Urology Clinic. Following this, ward rounds are attended and the student will participate in ward activities with the house staff. In his/her work in the outpatient clinic, the student will see new patients, returned patients and will also be instructed in the valid outpatient manipulatory procedures common to urology.

Evaluation Methods:
Based on performance of patient evaluations, ward responsibilities and participation in surgical activities. Elective evaluation form will be used.

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