(Care of the Trauma Victim)
Faculty: Dr. Jeffrey Salomone, Dr. Paola Pieri, Dr. Tammy Kopelman, Dr. James Bogert, Dr. Karole Davis
Length of Time: 4 weeks; Maximum length of 8 weeks
Offered: August through May
Maximum enrollment: 1
Patient care elective: Yes
Pre-requisite: MS4

1) To learn and identify the correct sequence of priorities to be followed in assessing a multiple injured patient.
2) Identify and discuss key components and rationale for obtaining the patient’s history and history of trauma incidents.
3) Learn guidelines and techniques to be used in the initial resuscitative and definitive care phase in the treatment of the trauma patient.

A clinical clerkship under the supervision of senior level house staff and surgical faculty.

Evaluation Methods:
The evaluation methods include daily contact with the medical and nursing staff allowing for ample opportunity to provide written evaluation of the student’s performance during the rotation.

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