Faculty: Dr. Salvatore Lettieri, Dr. Elizabeth Ferguson, Dr. Scott Swanson
Length of Time: 4 weeks, 3 weeks; Maximum length of 4 weeks
Offered: August through May
Maximum Enrollment: 1
Patient care elective: Yes
Pre-requisite: MS4

Introduce the student to the clinical practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery. This would be provided in a multispecialty clinic setting. The emphasis is on patient care and attempts would be made to give the student an understanding of the principles of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The student would be required to live in the Phoenix metropolitan area during that period of time. Evaluation would be made of the activities of the two surgeons involved, and the student would be assigned to what was felt to be the most interesting and rewarding activities of the two surgeons. If there are other interesting activities during the rotation in some of the other surgical specialties, the student would be allowed to attend and observe these. A one-to-one direct teaching would be utilized.

Evaluation Methods:
Evaluation by the plastic surgeon on the usual form would be forwarded to the medical school.

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