Meet The Residents


Rachel Alt, MD

Carmen Flores, MD

Carmen Tugulan, MD

Jarvis Walters, DO


John Davis, MD

Joel VanderVelde, MD

Samuel Weimer, MD

Alexandra Weir, MD


Stephanie Bollenbach, MD

Daniela Cocco, MD

Kenneth Hassler, DO

Anushi Shah, MD


Navya Chundu, MD

Emily Helmick, DO

Christopher Mellon, DO

Tina Wong, MD

PGY-2 (Preliminary)

Raphael Parrado, MD

Alpen Patel, MD


Samantha Delapena, MD

Aaron Hechtman, DO

Wendy Liu, DO

Nicole Marquand, MD

PGY-1 (Preliminary)

Kelley Donovan, MD

Frank Hurd, MD

Brian Lightwine, DO

Heidi Mullen, DO

Stephanie Ohara, MD

Alexander Pham, MD

Ahmed Sharata, MD

Roman Stedman, MD

Robert Townsend, MD

PGY-1 (Podiatry)

Greg Lifferth, DPM

Dara Taeb, DPM

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