Faculty: Dr. Paola Pieri, Dr. Tammy Kopelman, Dr. Jeffrey Salomone, Dr. James Bogert, Dr. Karole Davis
Length of Time: 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 weeks; Maximum length of 6 weeks
Offered: August through May
Maximum enrollment: 1
Patient care elective: Yes
Pre-requisite: MS4

To provide the student with the opportunity to become familiar with an approach to the severely ill pre and post-operative surgical patient. Major emphasis will be placed on active daily involvement in diagnosis and management of SICU patients, allowing further understanding of multiple organ and major system dysfunction. Opportunity will be provided in selected patients under faculty supervision for refinement of technical and diagnostic skills, including placement of hemodynamic monitoring equipment with interpretation of resultant data, intubation, bronchoscopy and other endoscopic procedures.

Students will participate, under faculty supervision, in the management of surgical patients requiring intensive care. A variety of educational opportunities will be provided, including daily faculty rounds, supervised procedures, guided literature review and seminars. Direct faculty involvement and student interaction in patient care will be emphasized.

Evaluation Methods:
Evaluation of each student will be issued at the end of the rotation. Each student’s performance will be discussed during and at the completion of this clerkship.

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