Faculty: Dr. Daniel M. Caruso, Dr. Kevin N. Foster, Dr. Marc Matthews, Dr. Michael Peck
Length of Time: 4 weeks; Maximum length of 8 weeks
Offered: August through May
Maximum enrollment: 1
Patient care elective: Yes
Pre-requisite: MS4

1) Become familiar with initial evaluation, resuscitation and treatment of all types of burns.
2) Participate in daily patient critical care including treatment of wounds and invasive monitoring.
3) Participate in operative procedures to provide coverage for burn wounds.
4) Participate in daily teaching rounds with faculty and residents.
5) Attend and participate in burn clinic, which is held three times weekly and at which time 30-35 patients are seen per clinic.
6) Participate in educational conferences including electives and weekly formal Burn Grand Rounds.

Will participate as a member of the burn team in patient resuscitation and initial management, ward rounds, conferences and operative care.

Evaluation Methods:
Will be evaluated by the Directors based on clinical performance.