Faculty: Dr. Ian K. Komenaka
Length of Time: 4 weeks
Offered: July through May
Maximum enrollment: 1
Patient care elective: Yes
Pre-requisite: MS4

To provide the student with the opportunity to become familiar with one of the most common General Surgical problems, patients with diseases of the breast. Major emphasis is placed on evidence-based medicine and the multidisciplinary approach to the oncologic patient. Patient care includes workup of the cancer patient from initial biopsy to discussion of treatment options and postoperative care. Daily discussion of classic journal articles which have dictated or changed management happens throughout the rotation. Depending on the month of the rotation, discussion includes surgical management of the breast, surgical management of the lymph nodes, adjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant hormonal therapy and targeted biologic therapy, neoadjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant radiation therapy, ductal carcinoma in-situ, and breast cancer risk assessment and prevention.

Students will participate in the management of oncologic patients requiring multidisciplinary care for their breast cancer. A variety of education opportunities will be provided by patient care in the clinic, daily discussion of classic journal articles, and operative techniques.

Evaluation Methods:
Evaluation of each student will occur at the midpoint of the rotation and at the end of the rotation.

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