Vacations are taken in 7-day blocks, covering five weekdays including either the weekend before or the weekend after.

Paid-time off (PTO) includes vacations, presentations and meeting/course attendance. PGY-I and PGY-II have 21 calendar days off, while PGY-III, PGY-IV and PGY-V have 28 calendar days off. This time off includes weekends.

Other benefits available: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Occurence Medical Liability, Long-term Disability

Salaries for 2014-2015
PGY-I: $50,388.68
PGY-II: $52,156.48
PGY-III: $54,568.59
PGY-IV: $57,462.39
PGY-V: $59,476.10
PGY-VI: $61,886.66
PGY-VII: $63,861.66

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